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So I kind of accidentally jumped ship over here. My roleplay blog slowly but surely became my personal blog. And long story short, I’m honestly just not going to be using this one as much for a while. I’ll probably be back here eventually. But I think my roleplay blog just kind of turned into my main blog.

I started posting gifs over there. And actually, um, talking and such. So if you want to find me, I suppose I moved.

I’m now at thefacesofrae. Hope to see you there.


Mary: Can you manage without your stick?
Matthew: You are my stick.
Mary: We were a show that flopped.
Matthew: God, Mary. I’m so, so sorry. You know how sorry I am.
Mary: Don’t be. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. If it was, it was mine.
Matthew: You know cousin Violet came to me, told me to marry you.
Mary: When was this?
Matthew: A while ago. When we knew I would walk again.
Mary: Classic granny. What did you say?
Matthew: I couldn’t accept Lavinia’s sacrifice of her life. Her children, her future and then give her the brush off when I was well again, well, I couldn’t, could I?
Mary: Of course not.
Matthew: However much I might want to.
Mary: Absolutely not.

I’m stubborn. I wish I wasn’t but I am.


“I’m not a puppet, and I must take charge of my own life again.”

Violet Crawley, S1 (part 1)

” I know those men of the moral high ground. If she won’t say “yes” when he might be poor, he won’t want her when he will be rich.”

the crawley sisters


Matthew Crawley. Saving women from terrible husbands since 1920.

Seriously, I loved how Matthew wasn’t being possessive or creepy or controlling of Mary. He just made sure that she was alright and asked if he could help, but Mary was still in control of her own life. Even when he told Mary that she “must not” marry Carlisle, it wasn’t because Matthew wanted her, but because he genuinely wanted Mary to be happy. Her happiness was what was always the most important to him.

^ This!


AU Meme: Doctor Who and Downton Abbey

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